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Self Tanner Instructions


Author: Mary Gillespie

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How to and what you need ... for a perfect tan!


  • self tanner product
  • exfoliator/scrub
  • towel
  • cosmetic (wedges) triangle foam sponges found in drug stores

Body and Face Preparations

  • Exfoliate with our scrub or Face and Body Peel to remove dead surface cells interfering with the development of your self tanner application and increase the life of your tan. Rinse and pat dry.

Self Tanner Application

  • Immediately apply your self tanner to the large smooth areas of your body or face. Stay away from your joints, crevices and skin folds which need to be applied with the triangle sponge.
  • Remove excess tanner from your hands with soap and water if necessary.
  • Apply small amounts of your self tanner to the thinner end of the triangle sponge. Lightly feather the self tanner onto your joints, crevices and folds of your skin while smoothing lightly into the larger areas of your face or body.
  • Best to do tanning at night, or on a day with no outside activities that may interfere with the color development or application schedule.


  • Use the narrow end of the triangle sponge to feather up to your lower eyelash line, down to the upper eye socket, near hairline, eyebrows, and sides of your nose, corners of the mouth and under your jaw line.
  • It's better to apply less self tanner than a heavy application which may give you the wrong color taking days to lighten. You can always reapply a second coat in a few hours for your perfect color.


  • Wait 3-4 hours for your color to develop.
  • Reapply, until the desired color is achieved waiting 3-4 hours between each application.


  • Usually every 3-4 days for your body and your face may be touched up daily depending on desired color. If using a glycolic, AHA or retinoid product you will need to touch up more often due to the exfoliation process from these ingredients.

Avoid:  your self tanner product coming in contact with clothing, carpets, fabrics and man made materials such as, plastics during application or immediately afterward. Avoid getting into your eyes and discontinue if irritation or a rash appears.